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      RamaKrishna Vadlamudi, CFA   


    Since the launch of Bharat 22 ETF in Nov2017, the BSE Bharat 22 index (underlying index for Bharat 22 ETF lost 13 per cent of its value & is now at 3,247. Most of the underlying stocks lost b/w 50% and 10% (except a few like Axis Bank, L&T, ITC & GAIL) in the past one year -->

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      Ministry of Finance   


    The strength of this ETF lies in the specially created Index S&P BSE BHARAT-22 INDEX. This Index is a unique blend of shares of key CPSEs, Public Sector Banks (PSBs) and also the Government owned shares in blue chip private companies like Larsen & Tubro (L&T), Axis Bank and ITC.

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